About Me

Hi, I'm Bruce and I am a curious, question asking, trying to understand the wonders of every day life designer. Curiosity is what fuels my passion for design and I believe in finding the why behind the decisions we make and the things we do.

I experiment to learn and fail to become better. I strive to grow and lead to inspire. My design philosophy is to make the complex simple, the difficult easy to understand and the meaningless meaningful while delivering experiences that are relevant and impactful.

When I'm not thinking about design or what everyday object I can tinker with next. I enjoy going for runs, riding my bike, and occasionally playing some video games.

Past Experiments

Treat for Tweet - A Twitter Powered gobstopper dispenser that later turned into a Kit Kat dispensing machine and eventually into a full fledged vending machine. (with a team of 3)

Railyard Archive - A Pinterest like bookmarking site that scrapes links submitted by alumni of an internship program which focused on the sectors of business and design. (with a team of 3)

SwiftHost - A now defunct technology playground of internet hosting, server infrastructure, network, sys admin, tech support all around whatever it took way of running a hosting company for ~100 clients and websites. (with 1 friend)

And some I'd rather share in person 😂

Thanks for reading! 👍

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